Match Details at Rosebud


Unless stated otherwise, the Rosebud range is closed for general shooting to members on match days.

Benchrest Matches

For more information on Benchrest matches and how to participate, contact Rick using the form below:

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Silhouette Matches


Silhouette shooting is a target shooting discipline that involves shooting steel targets representing game animals at various distances ranging from 100 to 600 meters.

Shooters fire from the standing position using bolt action rifles and a scope to knock the target down. There is a wide variety of rifles and calibers used. The governing body in Canada is the Silhouette Rifle Association of Canada. Consult the match schedule for times.


Rimfire Benchrest Matches

Rosebud hosts Rimfire Benchrest matches periodically. This is shooting rimfire rifles in the seated position using a front and rear rest with targets at 50 yards. Consult the match schedule for times.


Match Schedules

For a complete list of match events at Rosebud go to ... matches