How to Get There from Calgary

APRA MAP copy 2.001.jpeg
  1. Drive west on Hwy #1 to the Sibbald Creek Trail exit (Hwy 68);
  2. Turn right on the exit ramp then turn left at the first stop sign and drive for 16.1 kms on Sibbald Creek Trail to the Homestead Road turnoff;
  3. Turn left on Homestead Road and drive for 4.8 kms to the front gate;
  4. If the gate is locked, unlock the gate (you will need the combination), drive through and then lock the gate behind you. If the gate is open, then drive through and leave it open;
  5. Drive 500m from the gate to reach the Rosebud Range with the sign on the right;
  6. Drive another 900m to the turnoff on the right for the Fullbore and Swiss Range. There is a sign with the Swiss and Fullbore Club logos.
  7. Drive a further 100m and the BSTA range will be on the right.