Main Gate Procedure

Effective immediately, the APRA is enforcing a new policy for securing the main gate. The entire policy is included in this description. Essentially all members are required to lock the main gate if it is open, unless a match director has locked it in the open position using the APRA locking system. Please read these instructions carefully and follow them. We appreciate your cooperation.

Rosebud to Host 2019 World Benchrest Competition!!


What began as a dream has become a reality to a small club in Alberta. Starting from 14 benches, the dream was not possible as an event the size of the worlds requires a lot, least of which, are enough benches to accommodate a world class venue. So the little club and its many hard working members, with help from APRA financially, increased the size of the range to 25 benches, a larger parking lot, and a club room more than double its size and the dream became reality. 

The World Benchrest Shooting Federation represents 30 countries from around the world and it has awarded Canada with the WBC 15 match with Rosebud as the host club. This occurred at the WBC 14 match held in New Zealand. At the present time, it is looking like this will be one of the larger world matches held. 

Spectators are welcome and is a great opportunity for APRA members to see some of the world's best in action. 



  • Unofficial practice days Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th (range is open as per normal to club members and early competitors, loading tent is on site, limited amenities).

  • Official practice days for Sunday July 14th, Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th (range is closed, RO on site to manage practice days, full amenities on site),

  • Flag setting Tuesday at 4PM. Wednesday July 17th - Opening Ceremonies and LV 100 (spouse’s tours start after opening ceremony and run 4-5 days)

  • Thursday July 18th– HV100

  • Friday July 19th– HV200

  • Saturday July 20th– LV200

  • Sunday July 21st– H.V. 10 shot 200 yards, awards banquet following shoot on a location TBA

For further information on the World Benchrest Competition check out the Rosebud page