About Us

The AFRA is a long range, F Class target rifle competition shooting club, we are not a general shooting club. Our range is 900m long and has individual firing points from 100m to 900m, for a total of 9 separate firing distances. Targets can be scored either electronically or manually, and  target faces are Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) targets. We also have two concrete benches at each firing point from 300m through 900m, plus 8 benches at 1000 yds.


As we are a target rifle shooting club and the range is set up for DCRA style target shooting, our facility does not lend itself to general shooting, PRS style, plinking or non-target rifle shooting activities such as sighting in hunting rifles and therefore we do not have day use passes.

During the summer months the AFRA holds frequent matches and one does not have to be an AFRA member to participate. If you are a member of the general public and are interested in long range competition you could come out to a few matches to see what the AFRA is all about. During the winter months the AFRA does not plow the road down to the butts, basically making the range inaccessible. 

For those who want to be more involved, we offer an annual membership. Members have the option to purchase daily passes to each competition, or alternatively they can buy a Shoot Card. The Shoot Card includes access to all matches throughout the year, including the Provincial F Class Championship. Members may also purchase guest passes to bring guests out to try out the range. The AFRA executive reserves the right to deny membership to individuals who do not support the aims and ideals of the AFRA. This denial is at the sole discretion of the Executive of the AFRA.

In order to gain access to the 900m range during non-match days, keys are available for members who have competed in 4 matches (a weekend is worth 2 match days) and have been a member in good standing for at least one year.

A Typical Match Day

On a typical match day, shooters arrive sometime between 7:45 to 8:00 am to register for the match and get their score card. Shooters are assigned to a group of two or three people, who will shoot together for the entire day. New shooters will be paired with more experienced members who will mentor them. The cut off for registration is at 8:30, and at that point everyone will recieve a safety briefing and explanantion of how the shoot will proceed.

Usually there are two relays of up to 20 people, for a total of 40 people in the match. The match commences at 9am and goes until the course of fire is complete, usually around 2-3pm. Most matches are Saturday and Sunday, and you may attend one or both days. After the completion of the Sunday match, the results are tallied and winners announced.

When you attend a match you should know which class you will be in. F Class has two catagories:

  1. F T/R (F target rifle). Either .308 or .223 calibre, bolt action rifle with bipod but not a front rest, rear rest optional. Under 8.25 kg (18 lbs) total weight including scope and bipod.
  2. F Open. Any calibre, bolt action, any front or rear rest. Under 10 kg (22lbs) total weight including scope.

In both cases rounds are loaded and fired individually, so if you have a magazine keep it attached and just manually load one round at a time. It is very important that you have zeroed your rifle prior to coming, and have printed off a ballistic chart for your particular ammunition. To make your own chart, you can either purchase an inexpensvie ballistic calculator like isnipe for your smartphone, or use a free one such as Berger or Hornady. At each distance you will get two sighter rounds to fine tune your scope settings.  During a ceasfire, you will be required to open your action and put a bolt flag into the breech. If you don't have one of these, you can purchase one at the range.

Member Fees

  • APRA Annual Fee if you are not already an APRA member: $100/year plus a one time $100 in your first year
  • Annual Fullbore Membership: $75
  • Member Shoot Card (includes all matches for the year): $125
  • Member Daily Match Fee (if you don't have a Shoot Card): $20
  • Key Deposit for Members Only (available in your second year & after you shoot 4 matches): $100

Non-Member Match Fees

You don't have to be a member of either the APRA or the Fullbore Club in order to participate in matches. All you have to do is show up to a match and pay the Daily Match Fee. The gate will be open the morning of the match. Cut off for match registration is 8:30am so show up a half hour before that time to register.

  • Daily match fee for walk ins (for those who are not members): $40 for one day, or $60 for 2-3 day event plus
  • $5/day for insurance (if you are not in the APRA or BCRA)

Match Details

To find out more about your particular match, how many rounds you will need, distances etc .. download the schedule

Fullbore Events

Follow this link to see all the events for Fullbore

F Class Match Checklist

  • bolt action rifle with scope. zero your scope before you get there;
  • ammunition (usually you will need 60 to 70 rounds for the day, see the detailed schedule above for exact numbers);
  • front rest or bipod;
  • rear rest optional (like a sandbag, or specialized rear rest);
  • bolt flag (may be purchased at the range for $5);
  • print out a ballistic table for your ammunition used to determine your scope settings (isnipe, Berger; Hornady)
  • hearing & eye protection;
  • range bag to carry all your stuff;
  • PAL;
  • notepad & pen or pencil;
  • lunch;
  • shooting matt.


If you would like to join our target rifle shooting club please inquire further by filling out the contact form below, and a membership application together with AFRA range policies, range rules, match schedule and membership fees will be sent to you.