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Fullbore Open Fun Team Challenge

Folks, this weekend is our Open Fun Team Match.  ALL members and guests are welcome.

When we were making the schedule Eric B offered to put on a match where our regular members and guests can learn how to compete in a team match format.  Many major matches have a team component to them and here is your chance to try it and be prepared if you ever want to compete in one.  Even if you never intend to enter a team match, here is a chance to shoot at 700, 800, and 900 meters with an experienced wind coach and hone your skills.  Several shooters I talked to say they enjoy competing in team matches even more than shooting individually.

You will need approximately 125 rounds for the entire weekend.

Eric plans to squad a mix of experienced and rookie team shooters so we can learn this format. Eric asked that if you have a spotting scope, please bring it.  I recommend bringing a folding chair as well just in case.

Personally, I look forward to learning this format, and as always, more trigger time is great!

Regards .. Match Director

Follow this link for important information on distances, number of rounds, fees and a checklist of what to bring.