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Did you know that target shooting is one of the largest individual participation sports in the world? There are 250,000 in Switzerland alone.

Learn to shoot. It is a lifetime sport and can be enjoyed on an equal basis by the physically handicapped, the non-athlete and the athlete alike. Women complete on equal terms and often outshoot men.

Shooting is an ideal family sport. It teaches safety and responsibility; it allows for personal achievement; it provides an opportunity for all family members to participate together outside the home, and to get to know each other better through a common interest.

What other sport can you participate in from your teens to your eighties, and not be restricted by age, sex, strength, and the most physical disabilities?

One phase of recreational shootins is Fullbore Target Rifle, available in the Calgary area at the Homestead Shooting Centre in Kananaskis Country. The range is an outdoor facility open on shooting days throughout the spring, summer and fall. The location is beautiful and the sport relaxing - a perfect get away from the pressures of city life.

In addition, Fullbore shooting is one of the safest sports with a 95 year history of injury free enjoyment in Alberta.


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